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Images from Technion–Israel Institute of Technology
On View September 8-December 16, 2015

Technion–Israel Institute of Technology is among the world's leading science and technology universities. Researchers at Technion help solve our world's greatest challenges, focusing on innovation in areas ranging from biotechnology and aerospace to nanotechnology and computer science. In LABSCAPES, we are offered a unique look through the microscopes of top Technion scientists, reminding us that the world's complexity is far greater than our eyes can detect.

The images on exhibit are taken by researchers with a range of microscopes used in the fields of exact sciences (chemistry and physics), life sciences, engineering, and medicine. The images are beautiful reminders that human perception is a feeble means by which to comprehend the large and layered world we inhabit.

Curated by Anat Hargil.

This exhibit is made possible thanks to Technion–Israel Institute of Technology and the American Technion Society.
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