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Makom: Jewish Spirituality

At Makom we explore Jewish spiritual practice and make the time to illuminate various aspects of Jewish mysticism. Through workshops and retreats centered on Jewish contemplative practice, monthly evenings of Jewish chant, opportunity to study the ethical practice of mussar and more, Makom provides an oasis for Jewish spirituality in the midst of the noise of the city.

Throughout the year we welcome you to join us for our annual Day of Kabbalah in partnership with the Carlebach Shul, events focused on neo-hasidism, days of learning centered on the deep teachings of Chasidic masters, and concerts mystical themes. Whatever your Jewish spirit needs to grow, you can find it at Makom.

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  • Jewish Prayer Dance:  Prepare Spiritually for Passover and the Spring Festive Season with Spiritual Dance. Rejoice in Freedom, Rebirth/Renewal and Gratitude!  Led by Rabbi Neal Kaunfer.  Express your spiritual feelings related to Passover and the spring festive season while moving to inspirational Jewish music. Learn very easy prayer movements and dances from Jewish traditions which are also universal and modern. Move comfortably in any way you wish. Includes a joyful, candlelight Havdalah ritual.  For all ages and backgrounds including parents with children. No movement or dance experienced needed. Children can come for free.

  • Uncovering the Brilliant Light of the Soul:  Mussar is a traditional Jewish approach to spiritual insight and practical self-improvement. It aims to bridge the gap between intellect and emotions, and establish new bases for personal actions and interpersonal relations. This class includes ongoing learning about Mussar and also focus on its transformational teachings and practices. You may join this class at any time and your fee will be prorated.

  • Jewish Chant:  Join these extraordinary students of Shefa Gold each month for an uplifting evening of Jewish chant. Use your voice in call and response -- an age old spiritual practice -- to open your hearts through prayer and song.


Makom appreciates your involvement and encourages your support—both spiritual and financial. Your contributions help sustain our programs. Please call Susie Kessler at 646.505.5726 to discuss.

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