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Beginners Culinary Boot Camp: More Basic Training for Novice Cooks with Chef John Scoff
Picking up where the Culinary "Mini" Boot Camp left off, new recipes and techniques will be covered in this next step in your culinary education, as you delve deeper into topics and ingredients. This is a necessary "kitchen essentials" course for any home cook. Week 1: Knife Skills Week 2: Poultry Cookery Week 3: Beef Cookery Week 4: Fish Tech Week 5: Baking Techniques (more)REGISTER
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Tue, Oct 21 - Nov 18
6:30pm18 - 0weekly
Healthy Cooking Techniques
Explore easy-to-follow recipes and valuable tips for stocking a healthy kitchen. You'll learn how to create wholesome, delicious dishes using nourishing oils, grains, flours, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. Learn to make healthy choices and create meals that you, your family, and friends will love. Week 1: Smoked paprika potato chips with triple onion dip; apple and celery root salad; broccoli cheddar soup; green bean casserole with crispy shallots; skillet mac and cheese; fillet of sole almandine; mini strawberry cheesecakes; and banana pudding with vanilla wafers. Week 2: Baked jalapeño poppers; "everything" parmesan crisps; butternut squash risotto; crispy fish with lemon dill sauce; asparagus, mushroom, and tomato frittata; smoky black bean chili; artichoke, edamame, and asparagus salad; pumpkin bread with cranberries; and chocolate chunk cookies. Week 3: Miso-sweet potato dip; stuffed cabbage with sweet and sour tomato sauce; chicken cacciatore over corkscrew pasta; giant chicken and vegetable dumpling pyramids in scallion-shiitake broth; mashed parsnips and potatoes with crispy root vegetables; fennel and orange salad with pistachios and lemon vinaigrette; phyllo cherry turnovers; and pineapple upside down cake. (more)REGISTER
adults > culinary arts > all classes
Wed, Nov 5 - Nov 19
10am18 - 0weekly
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