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The David H. Sonabend Center for Israel

The Center for Israel at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan offers members of our community across the spectrum of beliefs and backgrounds a home for serious cultural and intellectual exploration of Israel. We foster an open and respectful dialogue on cultural, political, social, and religious issues while encouraging a diverse array of perspectives and opinions.


Israel Forum: Millienial Voices, March 5, 2019


Israel Forum: Refugees and the War of Return


Israel Forum: Prime Minister for Life?


Jewish Identity and the Politics of Belonging:
Donniel Hartman - The Politics of Jewish Power


Israel Forum Prime Minister for Life, from May 7th


Jewish Identity + The Politics of Belonging
A Series of Programs


Israel Forum: Behind the Hugs:
Is President Trump Good News or Bad News for Israel


Six Days That Shaped 50 Years Opening Remarks & Evening Program:



The Israel Forum: An Evening with David Grossman


Zionism and Liberalism for a New Generation
with Rabbi Rachel Gartner, Harry Reis, and Ari Shavit


An Israeli's Soldier's Story


Can We Talk About BDS?
with Todd Gitlin, Deborah E. Lipstadt, and Gerald Steinberg


Is This a Third Intifada
with Jodi Rudoren and Rabbi David Ellenson


20 Years Later: The Legacy of Ytizhak Rabin Z”l


The Iran Deal
with Jane Eisner, Peter Beinart, and Prof. Alan Dershowitz

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