We the People: The Democracy Project

Democracy Project

A Better World Is Possible.

How do we build a more accountable, effective, and just society? The Joseph Stern Center for Social Responsibility’s Democracy Project provides participants with opportunities to develop: knowledge of how institutions and power work; a commitment to active, ongoing engagement; and the skills needed to express one’s voice and use one’s power effectively.

The Democracy Project engages participants within and outside of the JCC’s walls to become more effective civic actors through education, engagement, and advocacy. We collaborate with Jewish, social justice, and civic partners to expand our perspectives and impact.

What Do We Do?

As we move in to year three of operation, the Democracy Project will focus on the following areas:

  • Voting Rights + Electoral Representation
  • Criminal Justice Reform
  • Climate Change + Environmental Justice
  • The Caring Economy

We do this work through a lens of intersectional empowerment. Our work is multiracial, cross-class, and rooted in New York City.

Help us continue to ensure accessible programming for everyone. Please support Social Responsibility programs at the Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan.