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A vibrant, creative scene lives just below ground level at the JCC in our expansive art studios. Explore our classes, flex your artistic muscle, and create something beautiful.



Multiple Class Discount
Sign up for two or more studio arts classes per semester and receive $50 off the second class (and any additional classes). All Class values must exceed $350. This offer is for the SAME student, in the SAME semester.

Long-Term Student Discount
Sign up for the same type of class (ceramics, jewelry, painting, etc.) for two consecutive semesters, and get $50 off the third consecutive semester. This applies to full-semester, non-prorated registrations completed before the first class session. Class value must exceed $350.

To take advantage of these discounts, please register through our box office located in the JCC lobby or by calling 646.505.5708. These discounts cannot be applied online or retroactively.

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