Symposium on Positive Aging

The 3rd Annual Symposium on Positive Aging: Create Your Next Act: Opportunities for Inspiration and Connection, took place on Oct 22, 2018. Keynote speaker Ed Friedman, Executive Director and co-founder of Lifetime Arts, Inc., and an expert in positive aging, discussed the benefits of creative engagement in older adults and its importance in healthy aging. A panel of older adults, each of whom has discovered a creative passion, shared their journeys with moderator Renee Solomon , DSW, LCSW. Finally, a variety of workshops was offered to tap into participants’ creative sides, or to introduce them to new ideas and concepts relating to the topic of aging with vitality. The symposium was generously sponsored by 305 West End Assisted Living



Artful Aging
Judy Greenwald
We invite you to cultivate creativity, risk-taking, and improvisation in a novel way by engaging in art/play. If you want to get a taste of “artful aging,” this session, led by a psychotherapist, artist, and teacher, is perfect for you. No previous ar t experience necessary.

Beautiful Treats: Get Creative in the Kitchen
Jennifer Cinclair
Cooking and baking can be fun, but putting extra flourishes on your creations makes them super special. Learn techniques to decorate cupcakes with frosting, piping, and fondant flowers and cutouts, and using fruit, candy, sprinkles, and sparkles in creative ways. The cupcakes will already be baked, allowing us to focus on design and decorating.

Enhance your Creativity with your Smartphone Camera
Nancy Adler
Thanks to your smartphone, your camera is always at hand. A professional photographer will demonstrate fun and simple techniques to unleash your creativity as you learn to improve visualizing, shooting, editing, and sharing. You’ll also find out about apps that can make the most of your phone’s camera.Please bring your smartphone to the workshop.

Explore a Visual Art: Watercolor
Marika Hahn
Do you want to make art, but don’t know where to start? There are so many ways to create art and express yourself, have fun, and gain skills. Watercolor painting is only one of many art mediums. You will watch a demonstration and, using liquid watercolors, paint abstract designs, flowers, butterflies, birds, and more.

Get the Most Out of Your Museum Visit
Miriam Leviton
Visiting different art museums around the city can be a rewarding and fun experience. Find meaning and inspiration in art and learn how to tailor your art outings and museum experiences based on the art you enjoy. Through interactive discussions, this workshop will show you how to look at different artwork and think about it in the context of history, the types of media used, and techniques.

Improvisational Dance
Fran Hamburg
Join Fran Hamburg in a movement improvisation workshop, where the only requirement is a willingness to move! Explore simple ideas in a relaxed atmosphere of fun and creativity. The pleasure of moving with others and finding sources of inspiration within yourself can lead to an appreciation of what one's body can do at any age. No dance experience required.

Making Time for Making Music
Amy Nathan
It's not too late to make music a part of your life. Whether you want to polish your skills, find a musical group, or try something new, there are many musical paths to explore. Join Amy Nathan, author of Making Time for Making Music: How to Bring Music into Your Busy Life, in this workshop that will have you making music right on the spot, with the help of Kaitlin Stark, who leads Third Street Music School's Adult Choir and its Adult Cabaret.

Medicine Cures the Body, but Art Heals the Spirit
Robin Glazer
Join Robin Glazer, director of The Creative Center at University Settlement, for an interactive presentation on the benefits of creative aging. We will explore current research and practice that describe the multitudes of benefits of creativity as one ages—for the body, mind, and soul! Be prepared to surprise yourself as you discover your own creativity as a tool for "positive distraction," lifelong learning, and pure joy!

Refashion Yourself: What is your “Style Sensibility”?
Sharon Pinckney
Dressing creatively and keeping up with current fashion trends is not limited to the young. What matters to you when you think about style? In this workshop, you will learn some of the key fashion trends and concepts that can help you define and develop a creative wardrobe mix. You may be challenged to creatively come up with your own look. For women and those who identify as women.

Risk-Taking: Take a Chance on You
Dr. Renee Solomon
Risking it has never been easy for many of us, and becomes more difficult as we get older. However, taking risks—trying something different, meeting new people, exploring our many aspects and talents—can help us enrich our lives today. How to free ourselves to become risk-takers is the focus of this interactive workshop.

Peninnah Schram
We live in a world of stories, communicating and learning
through them. They are a way to organize our experiences, memories and understand our world. Join this participatory
workshop with renowned storyteller Peninnah Schram as she shares how and why to tell your stories in a meaningful way.

Writing Creatively
Wayne Cotter
In the first part of this workshop, we will discuss some basic rules of writing first drafts. Participants will then write a short piece on an aspect of their lives they believe would interest their family and friends. In the second part, volunteers will be asked to share their stories and participants will discuss them. Be creative—no idea is off limits!

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