Our pre-nursery programs - My Little Clubhouse, 2s Together, and Shabbat Together - are play-based, open-ended classes that encourage exploration, growth, and discovery. We believe that children are capable, unique individuals and our child-centered curriculum supports and fosters the development of each individual child. Children thrive in nurturing, warm environments that are set up with them in mind. Our teachers encourage children to make choices, to be empathetic, and consider their place and role in their classroom community. We see teachers as facilitators of positive, appropriate, engaging experiences that support the needs of the specific children in their care. Through our pre-nursery programs we strive to create an inclusive, fun, engaging environment where children and families can become a part of a community and develop lasting connections.



  • My Little Clubhouse (16-24 months, with parent/caregiver): Parents and caregivers interact with their children as we introduce them to their first classroom experience. In this welcoming community, children make their first friends through dramatic play, stories, circle time, movement, and art.

  • 2s Together (2-3 years, drop-off): Your toddler's first drop-off classroom experience features open-ended play, circle time, art and sensory exploration, movement, snack, and introductions to Jewish holidays and traditions. Our experienced staff will create an individualized separation plan for your child. Parents/caregivers will participate for the first sessions to aid separation. For more information, check out our FAQ's here

  • Shabbat Together (2-3 years, drop-off): Foster your toddler's connection to Shabbat and community in this drop-off program. Through dramatic play, music, movement, stories, and art, children will explore Jewish values and holidays as they celebrate Shabbat together with friends and teachers.

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