Our learn-to-swim program takes a fresh look at your child's swim abilities, with the goal of creating a confident, safe, and strong swimmer. Our enthusiastic, experienced, and caring instructors take the most tentative swimmers and help them grow into technically sound "fish."

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Classes include:
  • Stingray (5-14 years): This class takes skills learned in our Swordfish class and adds to it. Side breathing for freestyle is a main focus along with introducing breaststroke and dolphin kick. Advanced freestyle and backstroke drills are used to produce more efficient swimmers.

  • Sunfish (5-8 years): Our Sunfish class is for children who are getting more comfortable in the water but are still unable to swim without assistance. Time is spent on back floats, front floats, and breath control while preparing your child to move into our Swordfish class where proper stroke technique is introduced.

  • Swordfish (5-14 years): Our Swordfish class builds on our Sunfish class with more emphasis on independent swimming. Time is spent on arm and leg coordination for both freestyle and backstroke with a focus on proper kick technique.

  • Jellyfish (Intro to Swim, 4-14 years): A gentle introduction for the child/tween who wants to begin swimming in a deep water environment. Each class is 30 minutes long with emphasis on comfort and safety while preparing your child for our Sunfish (Beginner I) class.

  • Great White Shark (5-14 years): In Great White Sharks, swimmers bring all four competitive strokes (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle) together. Butterfly and breaststroke arms are introduced and improved upon as well as freestyle and backstroke advanced drills and techniques. This class will include swimming longer distances and working on endurance.

  • Penguins (5-14 years): This focused swim class for children with special needs features small class sizes and dedicated instructors. Children will be placed in groups with swimmers at similar abilities.

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