Confidence. Exercise. Social skills. Children get each of these benefits and more when they step onto the JCC gymnasium floor. Our athletics classes provide the foundation for a healthy lifestyle while teaching your child determination, resilience, and teamwork. Children who participate in sports also build self-esteem and confidence, are motivated to excel academically, and build social skills.

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Classes include:

  • Sports: (3-11 Years): Soccer, football, hockey, tennis, basketball, team handball and more! Children focus on teamwork, skill building, and sportsmanship with the JCC’s renowned energetic coaching staff. Our athletes will develop athleticism and sportsmanship through creative warm-ups, fun drills, class games as they practice a wide range of sports throughout the semester. As our kids grow, game strategy becomes a major objective as we introduce friendly competition.

  • Tennis: (3-9 Years): Children practice ground strokes, volleys, ball tracking, and overhead strokes while developing hand eye coordination and learning sportsmanship. As children grown, our older classes teach proper serves, game strategies, and sportsmanship as we introduce friendly competition.

  • Basketball: (4-12 Years) : Young athletes will master offensive and defensive techniques, learn basketball drills, scrimmage, and play games. Emphasis is placed on teamwork, coordination, and skill building. Classes are open to all skill levels. Skills and drills are adapted appropriately for each athlete.

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