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Film @ the JCC

At the Carole Zabar Center for Film, we present previews and special engagements of films on topics that are relevant and important to our community. These include fiction and documentary movies on subjects such as social justice, history, current and political happenings, and other matters of interest to Jewish and NYC viewers. Our weekly screenings include our year-round Cinematters series, as well as features presented by the Israel Film Center, ReelAbilities, and the Other Israel Film Festival.

Upper West Side residents can enjoy seeing films in our theater that are not available elsewhere uptown. Our post-film Q+A conversations are a highlight of our film program, featuring in-depth conversations with filmmakers, actors, and other special guests.

We also host four festivals in house each year, including the Cinematters: Social Justice Film Festival, ReelAbilities Film Festival: New York, Other Israel Film Festival, and the Israel Film Center Festival.

Upcoming Screenings

Crip Camp Q+A
Crip Camp Q+A

Virtual Q+A with the filmmakers of Crip Camp. Get tickets here. The conversation will include live captioning.


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