The Center for Jewish Living grounds the JCC in Jewish values that are at the heart of the mission of the JCC, and radiates those values throughout each Center and program area. We offer a Jewish framework that is accessible to people across the denominations of Judaism as well as those of other traditions, retaining the JCC’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity.

The Center offers Jewish learning opportunities that challenge the mind and feed the soul, weaving together the other centers and encouraging participants to connect to Judaism through the avenues that bring meaning, connection, and joy to their lives: spirituality, social justice, the arts, health and wellness, Jewish text, and more.

The Center infuses the JCC with the rhythm of Jewish time, celebrating Shabbat and Jewish holidays and highlighting their values throughout the building and beyond its walls. It consults to the other Centers on how to approach holidays, Shabbat, and how to express and integrate Jewish values into their programs.

Realizing the JCC’s vision of Jewish life, the Center builds community, accessible through multiple gateways, honoring different expressions of Jewish living, and connecting people from across the Jewish community, at all stages of life, and in all configurations of family.

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