What they Watch and Learn: Tips for Engaging with Girls and the Media

Concerned about how entertainment, internet, and advertisements are affecting your daughter? We can help!

In our culture of burgeoning technology today’s teenage girls are faced both with new challenges and new opportunities. How do we support our girls as they are inundated with images of the unattainable “perfect” woman? How can we understand the media messages that are thrown at them daily?

In this interactive workshop we will screen our youth made film entitled “Pretty Sexy Sassy: How Girls and the Media Consume One Another.” A Q&A with some of the film’s youth producers as well as a facilitated discussion will guide our conversation about the challenges of parenting teen girls and what we can do about them.  

This workshop is open to parents of girls of all ages (even if they’re not teens yet!)

November 6th, 7-9pm

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