Changing Lives: Meditation + Yoga for Underserved Youth @ JCC Harlem

Changing Lives: Meditation + Yoga for Underserved Youth @ JCC Harlem

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This takes place at JCC Harlem, 318 W 118th St.

Sharon Salzberg and the Holistic Life Foundation Founders

Ali and Atman Smith and Andres Gonzalez, founders of the Holistic Life Foundation,  know what it takes not only to survive but  thrive under difficult and challenging circumstances. By teaching yoga and meditation to young people growing up in underserved communities, they're helping a new generation cope with the stress and suffering they face on a daily basis. Renowned meditation teacher and best-selling author Sharon Salzberg will moderate a conversation with Ali, Atman, and Andres, each sharing stories, insights, and wisdom pertinent to caregivers and teachers and others from all walks of life.

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