ONLINE Lunch and Learn - Free Yourself from Emotional Eating with Jim McNerney

ONLINE Lunch and Learn - Free Yourself from Emotional Eating with Jim McNerney

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A Google search of the phrase "Emotional eating during COVID-19" returned 1,150,000,000 results. It's clear that emotional eating is a concern for a very significant number of people during this unusual time. Join health and positive psychology coach h Jim McNerney in exploring the roots of emotional eating -- why we turn to food under stress -- and how to move through it. Using a variety of tools and a framework that takes each person's bio-individuality into account, Jim will help us redefine our relationship with food and find freedom from emotional and compulsive eating patterns. 

Jim McNerney is fully certified in Health Coaching, Wellness Coaching, Mind-Body Eating Coaching, Eating Psychology Coaching, Positive Psychology Coaching, and Happiness Studies. He has certifications in Nutrition and Personal Training. His primary area of focus is helping emotional eaters and binge eaters to transform their relationship with food. He has found that at the core, every meaningful health goal his clients pursue is ultimately about their desire to become happier, more personally fulfilled, and to have more energy and freedom to enjoy their lives to the fullest! He is an adjunct professor at Bay Path University.

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Lunch and Learn Series -Tue, July 7 + Thu, July 9 from 12-1 p.m. EST

The Marlene Meyerson JCC Manhattan and Wholebeing Institute have been partnering throughout the pandemic to provide daily lunch and learn conversations, Monday through Thursday, from noon-1pmJoin us online for Q&A with leading experts in the science and application of positive psychology.

These Lunch and Learns, moderated by Caroline Kohles, JCC Senior Director of Health and Wellness, will offer you a chance to hear from leading experts in the field of positive psychology who will offer a variety of skills that can help you build your inner strength and increase your coping skills. Discover practical tips you can implement right away to help you cope with the social isolation brought on COVID-19.  Learn how the science and practice of positive psychology and flourishing can help you fortify your resilience today and in the days to come.

Wholebeing Institute is dedicated to teaching the science of human flourishing and is based in Massachusetts. For more information go to

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