Reiki and Self-Care: A Monthly Clinic 7:15 pm

Reiki and Self-Care: A Monthly Clinic 7:15 pm

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Pamela Miles

Reiki is a gentle, balancing spiritual healing practice offered through light touch to a fully clothed recipient. A Reiki clinic session includes a brief orientation before and a short conversation after your treatment. We have two session times, 6:45 and 7:15. Expect to be at the clinic for about an hour. Note: If you are coming for a 30-minute session, please register for that time and expect to spend some time before and after your treatment talking with Pamela.

If you are attending as a Reiki student/practitioner, please be downstairs at the clinic by 6:15 PM for orientation and plan to stay until we finish, usually by 9:15 PM. We practice in pairs and every practitioner also receives a Reiki treatment.

Note: If you are coming for a Reiki session, please sign up for a 6:45 or 7:15 pm appointment.

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