Symposium on Positive Aging

Symposium on Positive Aging 2019

Symposium on Positive Aging

The 4th Annual Symposium on Positive Aging will take place at the JCC on Mon, Nov 4 from 9 am to 3 pm.

Special Program

Join an intimate conversation between Letty Cottin Pogrebin and Lynn Povich—journalists, authors, walking partners, and good friends—about creating a meaningful life in one's later years, adjusting to the challenges of aging, and staying relevant in a changing society. These two accomplished women will discuss how they maximize time; relate to their partners, grown children, and friends; deal with changes in health, looks, and energy; confront ageism and invisibility; contemplate end-of-life realities; and secure their legacies.


Letty Cottin Pogrebin is a founding editor of Ms. magazine and the author of 11 books, most recently the novel Single Jewish Male Seeking Soul Mate, and the guidebook How to Be a Friend to a Friend Who’s Sick. She is also the editorial consultant on Marlo Thomas’ record and book, Free To Be You and Me, and a co-founder of the Ms. Foundation for Women.

Lynn Povich is the author of The Good Girls Revolt, the story of the gender-discrimination complaint that she and 46 women brought against Newsweek in 1970 (and which became an Amazon series). She was the first female senior editor at Newsweek, editor-in-chief of Working Woman, and managing editor/East Coast of



Keep Moving: A Taste of MOVEMENT SPEAKS ®
Facilitator: Naomi Goldberg Haas

This dance program motivates people of all ages and abilities to move in strong and creative ways. Dances For A Variable Population uses the power of dance to connect to community and promote individual wellness.

Body Mind and Soul: Creating the Life You Deserve
Facilitator: Daniel Javit, M.D., CHWC, Javit Wellness

We all want to live a purposeful life. But to do so, we need to consistently align our body, mind, and soul to become the people we want to be. In this workshop, we’ll look at the latest research behind caring for your body, controlling your mind, and listening to your wise inner self on the path to self-improvement. We will introduce different tools and simple practices to help you create healthy new habits in your life, allowing for personal transformation that is natural, fluid, and rewarding.

Changing Roles, Changing Expectations
Facilitator: Renee Solomon, Ph.D.

Our relationships and our expectations for them change over time. How do we stay engaged with family, friends, community, and colleagues as our various roles evolve? What skills will we need to resolve conflict and communicate effectively? We will examine the shifts in family relationships as physical, social, and cognitive abilities change and discuss the where and how of meeting new and interesting people with whom we can have fun and share confidences.

Flying Solo: From Saying No to Saying Yes
Facilitator: Pamela Hull, Author

Why do some of us find it so easy to act on our own, whether it is traveling, dining, attending a movie, going to the theater or a lecture, while others find it difficult if not impossible? What are the obstacles? How can we overcome them and move from saying no to saying yes? Come discover how going solo has its own rewards and pleasures.

Retrain Your Brain, Up Your Game
Facilitators: Amanda Sacks-Zimmerman, Ph.D.. and Jessica Spat-Lemus, Ph.D.

Over the course of a lifetime, our brain changes. Those changes, which affect many aspects of intellectual function and processes such as attention, memory, judgment, reasoning, and problem-solving, are perfectly normal. We also retain the ability to learn and retrain our brains throughout our lives. In this workshop, we will learn and experience strategies that can help us stay on top of our mental game.


Spirituality To Boost Happiness
Facilitator: Daniel Javit, M.D., CHWC, Javit Wellness

The world around us is changing so fast that we also have to change just to keep up. Although this may seem difficult at times, our own innate spirituality can help us uncover all the tools and resources needed to maintain a balanced and enriched life. In this workshop, we will use movement, visualization, journaling, and group coaching to deepen our sense of spirituality and increase the meaning in our lives.

Communicating In A Changing World
Facilitator: Norman Reiss, Program Coordinator, DOROT, Inc.

You’ve mastered Facebook, but have your friends and family moved on to other platforms?

This interactive session will discuss how you can stay in touch with family and friends in a world where communication preferences are constantly changing. We will review tools such as Instagram and video chatting programs.

Staying Ahead Of Scammers
Facilitator: Claire Rosenzweig, CAE, CEO, New York Manhattan Better Business Bureau

Being a savvy consumer of any age means staying current, sharp, and on top of events and circumstances that you may encounter. Being proactive and knowledgeable about the current scams circulating in our communities helps us to avoid the potential heartache, embarrassment, and financial problems of those who fall victim to a scam. Attend this session and learn tips about how to spot these scammers before they have a chance to spot you.

The Gift Of Friendship
Facilitator: Renee Solomon, Ph.D.

Throughout our lives, we make and lose friends. How ready are we at this stage of life to invest emotional energy in new friendships? How much intimacy do we want in our lives? Are there boundaries we want to establish? We will discuss the where and how of meeting new, interesting people with whom we can have fun and share confidences.

Shifting The Paradigm of Aging: How to Stay Active And Well
Facilitators: Carol B. Espel, MS LLC, Fitness, Health, and Wellness
Specialist, and Caroline Kohles, JCC Senior Director of Health and

Wellness, Nia 2nd Degree Black Belt
If we're fortunate or just lucky, getting older is non-negotiable. The exciting news is that we can do wonders to sustain our vitality and longevity just by making a few small changes in our lifestyle. In this workshop, you will learn to maximize your vitality with strategies that help you optimize health. Let us show you the possibilities of aging with ease, grace, and joy!

The Challenging Workplace
Facilitator: Alyssa Gelbard, Point Road Group, Founder and President

Where do you start to make yourself marketable in today's workplace? If you still use an AOL email address, have "References Available Upon Request" on your resume, do not have a LinkedIn profile and avoid networking, you're limiting your chances to find work. In this workshop, find out how to update your approach to be current and more confident in today's job market. You'll also learn about challenges and best practices for employment re-entry and setting realistic expectations to improve your chances of landing employment

Eat For Life: The Longevity Factor
Facilitator: Jackie Topol, MS, RD

Join registered dietitian Jackie Topol for an exciting presentation about how the world’s healthiest people live. What are they doing? How can we make changes in our own diet and lifestyle to live our best and healthiest life? Jackie will share her top tips and do a live cooking demo to highlight some of the most nutritious foods available.


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